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A friendly community of kiting  


About SKR 

Sunshine Coast Kite Racing (SKR), is a non for profit organisation. We organise, administer and support racing and training opportunities in South East Qld.


Our Vision

Be Australia’s most inclusive and enjoyable kite racing community.


Our Mission

Grow the sport of sailing by developing a healthy, connected and engaged kite racing community who embrace challenge and enjoy and respect their coastal environments. 



Join SKR

Why join SKR

SKR aims to ensure member’s progress and enjoy the amazing experience of kitefoil racing in a safe and satisfying way. SKR partners with local clubs, councils and community groups to support, educate and enhance healthy outdoor activity in a world class coastal environment. By joining SKR, you can benefit from being part of a group of like minded people, join in on racing and training initiatives, and explore opportunities to give back to your community in a fun and dynamic way.


When you join, you will receive links and communication information for weekly racing and training opportunities. Membership to SKR is FREE - but there is a pre-requisite to be a Kiteboarding Australia member.

If you wish to participate in official Australian Sailing club meets or event, you will be required to either access a Sail Pass for the day or event, or have an Australian Sailing club membership of your choice.


AGM 2023


Friday 1st December 2023 @ 5pm

Launch area, Lake foreshore, Lake Weyba drive

Weyba Downs

All members welome

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